Two years ago, I bought a Bluetooth. This wasn’t the courageous act of a middle-aged woman striving to master the latest in cell phone technology. It was the last hope of one whose ears were incompatible with anything else. Regular hands-free devices left me deaf to the other party and caused chronically inflamed ear cartilage. This, coupled with frequent episodes of seatbelt entanglement, forced me to entertain options I’d long rejected. When I got the Bluetooth home, I gave it a wide berth; but eventually, need prevailed. I jammed it into my ear and was surprised at how comfortably it fit. Before I knew it, I was gabbing with family, friends, and any unfortunate stranger who called me by accident.

I had a stronger relationship with that Bluetooth than with two-thirds of the men I’ve dated. When it went missing, I was devastated. I’ll spare you the hands-free/Bluetooth trials I endured over the subsequent two years. But cleaning out my car the other day, I found the old Bluetooth buried under a pile of crap. My heart sang. Now I just had to pair it with my phone.

One day and ninety-four pairing attempts later, my phone refused to acknowledge, no less couple with, my Bluetooth. The Bluetooth that had once filled my orifice with such comfort and ease. Granted, it had been awhile; but I was shocked that my phone could, or would, sabotage such intimacy. (I shouldn’t have been. We’re talking about a contrivance that has a special app for making a call. Who knows what it’s capable of.)

Day two, one hundred and thirty attempts later: I discovered that the problem lay not with my phone, but with the Bluetooth. It had refused to go into pairing mode. This too came as a shock. Was it rejecting my phone, or me? My hand went to my ear. Had it lost its allure? If so, had other orifices followed suit? And if this was the case, would God be cruel enough to let me find out this way?

Amazing, the questions technology can raise.


22 thoughts on “Pairing

    1. Amber, I just pray they haven’t! Thanks for the comment. I’m still trying to work out my own commenting bugs, but that’s a whole other story.

  1. I use the regular hands free earphones and oh, the tales i could tell about entanglements with seatbelts, grocery carts, and a nice young man who won’t be forgetting me anytime soon.

    1. God forgive me, Jennifer, but I wish I could have been there to witness your shopping cart debacle. Also, who ever thought of catching the attentions of a nice young man with a hands-free? That’s impressive.

  2. June, I have a Bluetooth sitting in the bottom of my drawer. I bought it on a whim while I was in the States. However, I never actually took it out of the box when I returned to Europe. I guess given I don’t drive when I’m here, I thought it pointless to walk and talk with that thing in my ear. Now I can’t but wonder if it would have been better to use it and not share my conversations with whoever was in the room while I had my phone on speaker phone. Hindsight is 20/20. Here’s hoping you’re able to “reconnect” with yours! 🙂

  3. I love bluetooth technology. I walk every morning in Kansas City with a friend in Dallas and we talk an hour using cell phones and bluetooths. (looks like it should read blueteeth, huh?) The glory of bluetooths is that the newer ones have wind eliminating technology, so no matter how miserable the weather, my pal can hear me clearly. As with all techy things though the life of any product …bluetooth, laptop, MP3 player, camera…it becomes old technology after about 2 years. It may work but it won’t work with the newest and latest gadgets that go with it.

    1. You make good points, Cheryl. My other main issue is that I don’t want to spend too much if I can help it. Maybe I’ll have to rethink that…..

  4. Bluetooths remind me of hearing aids…and with the speed and agility I can lose those suckers, I have left my BT collecting dust in some corner of the house. Maybe someday I’ll run into it again…in which case I will probably wipe it clean and cram it in my ear again. Love that you would talk to any random caller and love your blog!!!

  5. I know what you mean! Despite my love of blogging and Facebook and my Blackberry, I do not like learning new technologies. It’s way too overwhelming to me. That’s why I get very resistant if I have to buy a new phone or computer. I want what I know. That’s it!

  6. My car swallowed my Bluetooth once — fortunately, for only about a week. And I had similar issues trying to pair it with a new phone. But, after finding a new device online, I gave the old one one last try before clicking “Submit” on my purchase. Success! Maybe you should attempt #131. 🙂

    1. Kenya, it’s amazing how cars devour personal items, isn’t it? Thank God for hearty souls like us who persevere in the face of it. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  7. My cell phone disappears into the bottom of my purse all the time. I imagine that’s where a bluetooth would be, too. Maybe one day I’ll catch up with the rest of the world, technology-wise. Meanwhile, I’m relieved to know that I don’t have to worry about “pairing” yet. Sorry you do, but thanks for sharing your trials with your usual humor.

    1. Shary, you make me feel better about being slow in such matters. What are the bottom of purses meant for, if not phones and their accompanying gizmo’s? Good gravy!

  8. Excellent post. You had so many wonderful phrases like “chronically inflamed ear cartilage.” Sounds like a pharma ad. Never understood the name blue tooth. It always reminded me of someone with bad dental habits. Maybe that’s black tooth.

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