Extreme Blog Makeover

How do I feel about being singled out for an Extreme Blog Makeover? Really good. At first I giggled: I’d been asked to star in the blogger’s version of  a “What Not to Wear.” But laughter turned to amazement as Jen Brown (Redhead Ranting) and Cardiogirl from Tribal Blogs began redesigning my site.

My blog is a means of promoting myself and my humorous memoir, for which I am seeking an agent. I wanted a cleaner, more professional look, and am thrilled with the results. Jen and Cardiogirl’s work was cut out for them, and they did a fantastic job. Their technical expertise, professional guidance and patient willingness to spend untold chunks of time providing support were far beyond my expectations. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

The Extreme Blog Makeover consisted of a complete conversion from my free WordPress blog to a website with my own domain, hosted by me. Jen and Cardiogirl created the header, a badge, avatar and favicon. These will help me establish my brand (God help us all.) They did things that I don’t yet comprehend, like Google analytics, Feedburner, plugins and widgets. They even installed Sitemeter and tried valiantly to explain how it worked. With all the SEO work they’ve done, now search engines can find me!

From now on I can be found at at http://www.juneohara.com/, so you can change your bookmarks and, should I be lucky enough to be on your blogroll, the URL as well.


4 thoughts on “Extreme Blog Makeover

  1. I think it turned out fantastic! It really has a sharp new look…much brighter and easier to read. Good for you! I will have to look into it myself. Now I’ll go over and switch my settings!

  2. Have I lost my mind? Yes, I have. I thought I already had commented on your posh new site. Just updated the feed on my blog. Congratulations!!!! Looks fabulous!

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