Welcome to The Neurosis Files, a running commentary on all that vexes and amuses me. I hope you’ll come out and play.

A bit about me: My hobbies are steeping in negativity, embracing victimhood, and choosing linens for my death bed. Presently I’m suffering a mid-life crisis–my third so far. I can never find jeans that fit right; I speak of it often. I spend my days making fun of golf carts, railing at insurance companies and obsessing over my hair. My chief talent is reacting to petty irritations as crises.

Several years ago I decided to write a memoir comprised of humorous essays. This was on the suggestion of family and friends, who found my writing funny. I suspect they also felt beleaguered by my constant stream of essay-length emails. I took on the challenge. Subsequent years found me either typing maniacally away or spending untold chunks of money on books like “Writing for Dummies” at Barnes and Noble. Two thousand no-foam lattes later, I’ve had essays published in four literary magazines and am in the process of seeking an agent for my memoir as a whole.

I can be contacted at juneohara65@gmail.com.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Excellent! LOL re “Writing for Dummies.”

    You’ve just about covered all my neurosis, excluding golf carts and insurance companies. I like to rail at lobbyists and special interest groups. I’m also convinced my dogs are working for the CIA.

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